A Cuppa' Coffee and a B.L.T… yeah right!!!

Strawberry LOVE

Well, it has been one eventful week I have to say!
We have been here in Patagonia working for Vivapura for a while now and if you know me or have been following the blogs, you will know how much I have missed teaching yoga!!!

A lonely wee-yogi...

So FINALLY I put my energy into really making it happen and taught my first class at Chip and Laura’s house on Wednesday 🙂
It was a small class but the energy was high and the mood we created was devine all facilitated by having a tasty warm room, low lights, just us girls and some great music… what more could a girl like me ask for!
I left feeling truly elated and full of the joys of teaching!

I also found a new channel for my creative energy this week by starting to contribute to the VP blog…
——–>Check it out!
It seems they have recognized my ‘gift of the gab’ and capabilities to  lure anyone into trying out some healthy but truly yummy creations…

After our busy week, me and Steve felt like crashing out on the couch.

A cold and wet day in Patagonia

The weather here hasn’t been the best… it’s been pretty chilly the past few days, so we cosey-ed up, enjoyed some…
***Raw Vegan B.L.T’s*** (this has to be tried by all, it is too good!)….
and later some of Steve’s secret Elixir Hearts and a cup of ‘Not-Coffee’ 😉

Pure passionate indulgence...

Pure passion & indulgence...

We discovered ‘Not-Coffee’ this weekend by accident.
It is simple and delicious and so good for bringing the spirit back into balance, unlike regular coffee.
We took 1 big heaping teaspoon of ‘3 Immortals’…

...The 3 Immortals!

...The 3 Immortals!

with 16 drops of Coffee Extract

3 Immortals is something I have experimented with a couple of times before and I think I may now be hooked… Here’s what the creator says about this divine combination…

“Reishi uplifts the spirit and builds protective power, a true Crown Chakra herb…

Shilajit is a full spectrum nutritional substance from the Himalayan mountains…

Ormus is an alchemical mixture of semi precious stone silicates washed down from the mountains over eons. Ormus is thought to contain elemental alchemical substances that form precursers of both gold and crystal… It is said that ormus can structure the water in the body!”

Click here to find out more about this amazing tea!!!
Click here to find out where to get yourself a good quality coffee extract (quality is the key!)…

So, wherever you are this Sunday, have a cosy time and enjoy the fruits of your labors of the week!

L♥ve and Light!
S xxx
ps… I also found the worlds craziest strawberry, had to share this 🙂



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