Blog: 3 years later….

…and here I am.
Sunny Arizona 😉

Working for a superfood company in Arizona is the LAST place I thought i’d be when I first started out writing this blog!
… as my wise old sister Gill says to me on Skype today,
“It doesn’t matter what the plan is, it’s always going to change…”
…Even if  you are SURE your plan of action or direction or goal is absolutely the ‘right’ one.

It’s true.
There is always something else up the universes’ sleve.
Looking back over my first ever entries to this blog I see how my life flipped up side down when I did this thing called
———>‘Going Raw’<———
I had no idea what this really meant but I knew it was going to be the next step towards awakening my sleepy soul.
And it did…
My whole view point did a 360
As did my yoga practice
My good old yoga practice
My best friend
The one who’s been there for me this whole time
Through the ups and downs
It was always there to catch me, teach me, amaze me

Back in Scotland I went to teach each day.
Excited to share this practice of prana flow which taught me so well to be ready for anything,
Quite simply…
To go with the flow
I spread the word of freedom…
“Quit your desk job!” I cried
“Follow your heart!” I preached
And now… here I am…

I admit it
I have a desk job.

(It’s uncomfy to even say that out loud and so I choose not to… writing it is much easier!)

At first I feel guilty,
Like I let myself down,
But then I turned it around and was grateful to the voice inside that reminded me of who I am…
And so, (with the Spring Equinox, just around the corner) I can feel something rising inside me again,
I can hear my hearts voice crying out and I’m listening!
I feel excited again since I have set myself free!

Looking back over my history of blogging helped so much this weekend.
I read and listen to what ever it was this awakened soul was trying to shout out about to everyone who stumbled across her writings…

I chose this reality and so now is the time for me to choose again.
It’s time to be in the flow and follow my heart….

I feel a change is a-foot….!


PS…. Thanks Sabeenie for reminding me today…
————>DANCE! <————–

Start with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hands on your belly…. from here rise up and make it up as you go along! Nobody’s watching 😉 xxx


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