…I L♥VE to teach yoga, so that’s what I shall do!

This is where I am teaching yoga...

When you L♥VE what you do
you do it well
and people can tell!

When you L♥VE what you do
you feel really happy
and you don’t get snappy!

When you L♥VE what you do
you’re doing your ‘dharma
and you don’t need to worry about any bad karma 😉

Chip and Laura's yoga studio is the best!

L♥VE what you do!
…even if it’s just for today!!!

S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Realization…

  1. Michelle says:

    Well done 🙂 I was very excited to discover what changes were afoot. I have also come to some very stong realizations recently, not a million miles away from yours – perhaps it’s a time for such discoveries. Enjoy!! xxx

  2. wee yogi says:

    Hey Michelle!

    Thanks for your comments 🙂 this is just the beginning… there’s more to come! I soooo cannot wait to hear what you’re up to!

    Big Hugs S xxxxx

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