Deep Earth Fudge (AKA Victory Pie!)

After a stealthy trip to Mexico on Monday
(no need to elaborate on why…)
I came back to our pad feeling rather frazzled and ready to eat my body weight in chocolate!
So, rather than just diving in without care, thought or presence.
I chose to make it special…
To celebrate our victory expedition…
… and slow down my speedy pace after a rather adrenaline spiked day.
Being in the kitchen flow can be so therapeutic and much FUN!

More soon…
S xxx


One thought on “Deep Earth Fudge (AKA Victory Pie!)

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Sue, you say bite sized pieces must have pretty big mouths for the size of that pieces LOL cut in half and they would be bite size, but as the saying goes in America everything is big in America.
    I have just made some today so I will see how it turns out.

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