Elixir Hearts and harvesting wild food!

Yesterday I took a yoga class HERE:
2.5 hours of me time…
I am so lucky!
It was such a beautiful studio and a great immersion in Anusara Yoga
I also got ‘spotted’ by one of the yoga students after my recent YouTube-ing!
She saw me on this video:

It’s so cool to spread the elixir heart love!
Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Me and Eke are having fun exploring Arizona as much as we can before our return to the UK.
On Friday we found a PINE POLLEN rich tree… we’re going to go and harvest some for ourselves!

SATURDAY was action packed with a yoga and shopping trip to Tucson …
We found JAKFRUIT at the asian market and bought a HUGE one!
Wait and see the video coming soon!

Today we even found a MULBERRY TREE right outside our door!!!

Stay tuned for more videos and fun…
Hope you are having a sunny weekend!
Love S xxx


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