Where's wee yogi?

Long time no blog!
I’ve had a few messages asking what i’m up to and what’s with the long silence…
Well, I’m back (almost) and ready to re-commit to my poorly neglected blog (slowly).
The best part about doing something you don’t enjoy is seeing how much you love what you love to do!
Every day has taught me something new, been a roller coaster and a blast!
…but I’ve missed teaching yoga full time, inspiring people to ‘get healthy’, motivating people to regenerate their lives for the better, for the greater good, and blogging about it all in the process….
But then I suppose I have been doing all of that in a way, it’s just not been for ‘my’ purpose,
it was for someone else’s motives… for a business.
I love yoga, raw food, adventures and getting the most out of this body, this mind, this life, this perfect, beautiful chaos!
So here’s where i’ve been…
Check out the videos bellow…
And where am I going?
Back to Edinburgh to share, inspire, motivate and enjoy.
Obviously, my work isn’t ‘done’ there quite yet, so the universe is drawing me and Steve back there.
28 days left of USA…
I can’t wait to see you all!

Love Love Love xxxx


One thought on “Where's wee yogi?

  1. Eleonora Italian says:

    I’m looking forward to tasting the pizza!
    Gosh!You can teach so many things to our so told “healthy” food…And you always give us such a great inspiration!
    Thank you!!

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