Intuition, the universe and signs…

The last 3 weeks have been interesting to say the least.
Landing back in Edinburgh without our own place and having to start again, from scratch was a daunting task.
I would be lying if I said I haven’t had second thoughts and an abundance of ‘what if’ moments.
Then we found a place to live and my yoga classes started up again which temporarily distracts me from the little voice saying…
“… is this it? Is this what you really want?”
Clearly it’s time to tune in, listen and pay attention.
The universe and my intuition are the best (not to mention the cheapest) advisors I can find!

The view from our bedroom window could not be better… ha ha!

Even Virgin Media junk mail is trying to tell us something!

Thanks Virgin!

So we’re back to the drawing board.
What’s next and how?
Is it here or there?

This morning, Mysore Style at Bristo Yoga School was magical.
As I stepped to the front of my mat I felt a deep sense of relief…
With my feet together, my hands in prayer, yoga brings me home.
And Ashtanga Yoga seems to have an even more powerful effect on me in this sense…
The divine predictability of this flow, the breath, the count, all gave me the solace I am seeking during this time of change for me.
I looked around and remembered what it was that drew me back to this practice every morning, same time, same place.
It’s because life is not a straight path ahead, uninterrupted and with out challenges.
It is everything but. And with The Ashtanga Practice I found a sense of unaltered, unchanging, unfailing, ‘sameness’.
The silent breathy sweaty community of comfort and peace.
Namaste Indeed


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