Costa Rica – Full Circle

~Diamante Mountain Retreat~

I am sitting here gob-smacked and dumbfounded by the universes ability to deliver exactly what you ask for!
It’s here, our retreat to Costa Rica is finally launched on the website!

Click here to find out more:
This is an exciting moment indeed!

During our time in Costa Rica last year, me and Steve  landed apon Finca De Vida, our retreat destination this new year…
15th-25th January 2012.

Finca De Vida rescued , received and nurtured us. It showed us a lifestyle that we had only ever dreamed of. But it was that ‘dreaming’ combined with our firm belief that it was out there that allowed us to find it… and now we want to show you too.
Welcome to paradise…

Join SusanSteve and Kat for a truly transformational 10 days of yoga, raw foods and fun in a nurturing, tropical, paradise!
SPACES are limited to 15 and we expect those to go fast!
So, contact Susan now to reserve your place.
We look forward to journeying and adventuring with you in this tropical heaven!
xxx Love xxx


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