The Future of our Food…

Rawesome, a private buyers club in Santa Monica, CA was raided earlier this week by state and federal agents for selling unpasteurized, raw products to it’s members.
For those of us sitting back to a nice cup of tea right now, with a dash of pasturized milk might not bat an eyelid to this story, “crazy Americans!” you might say…
But us Scots have already been through this.
We had our rights to drinking raw milk taken from us years ago.
The difference there was…
Well, we just sat back and let it happen because apparently it was the government trying to ‘save’ us from ‘dangerous’ foods…
How many of us know that raw milk is actually 100 x better for us than pasturized or ‘dead milk’ which is entirely unrecognizable by the body and void of all of the nutrition and healing benefits found in the raw product.
Nature provided it in it’s perfect state… so why change it?
But this is not just about the health benefits of raw milk, or a ‘go raw’ debate!
I personally don’t even drink the stuff. But I do like my water melons and they took those too… so what is this all about?

Rawesome was raided not only for it’s milk but for EVERYTHING under it’s roof… coconuts and even melons.
The warrant that was issued to authorize the Rawesome Foods raid specifically stated that: “various samples of any food products present may be taken for laboratory analysis.”
But instead of taking only “various samples,” the LA County Dept. of Agriculture authorities engaged in the wholesale theft of the entirety of Rawesome Foods’ inventory.
This, of course, has the effect of instantly putting Rawesome Foods out of business through the destruction of their entire inventory.
California state agents poured raw milk down the drain and gathered up the rest of the products to be hauled off to be destroyed.
Not to mention the owner and founder of this project, James Stewart, is now in jail with a bail set at $120,000.
Seems a little OTT to me…
Speaking of OTT… this mob style raid follows an earlier raid where officials carrying GUNS entered Rawsome!
It is fortunate in that case that nobody was checking fridge temperatures with temperature guns as the police entered… you never know there could easily have been shots fired in this small business that is simply providing the local people with healthy, nutritious and locally sourced food items.
Let me reiterate.
Rawsome is a PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB whereby you sign a document and take full responsibility for anything you choose to consume from this business.
In my opinion, that is exactly why they were raided.
There is ‘someone’ out there who doesn’t want you to have the choice and ‘someone’ again who wants you to think they are protecting you…
For those of us who are not asleep will see quite clearly that raiding a small business is not protecting us, it is pushing us to have to go else where to buy dead food from a mass producing supplier.
There has never been a single outbreak of food poisoning from products bought from Rawesome.
Don’t ignore this government-engineered economic hit on a small business that provides a valuable service to society.

Why did this happen? Don’t let your right to buy natural, healthy foods slip away.

Watch what happened here:

Yours in Honest and Integrity

Love S x


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