Just Breathe!

Before you read on, just stop for a second and check in…
Are you breathing?
Many of us spend a whole day slumped in a chair, at a desk or in the drivers seat…
As the day progresses and ‘life happens’ our breath often leaves us…
In a natural response to stress the breath becomes shallow and short, we may even be holding the breath for long periods of time without noticing!
Without breath we are seriously compromised!
In fact, 10 minutes without it and you are a goner!
Now is your chance to just stop for a moment and breathe.
Notice how better you feel after a few deep inhalations and exhalations.
By breathing more deeply and fluidly you will access the hidden life-force ‘prana’ that is in the air all around us.
You will successfully eliminate toxins from the body.
Any tension in the body and mind is also released as the breath becomes more relaxed and at ease.
Think of the breath as your best friend… always there to support you.
Check out the following short clip I made to help you breathe more deeply, relax and become energized.


Thanks for watching!

I’d love to hear your feedback and comments, so rate this video and leave your comments on YouTube 🙂


Susan x


One thought on “Just Breathe!

  1. Eleonora italian says:

    It’s amazing feeling all the particels of your body after doing it…I’m a singer and this kind of breath is really useful to learn how to use your diaphragm and to let your throat relax, enabling the singer to sing…

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