Bold Yogi's Unite ~ Flash Mob Style Yoga Demonstration!

Date – Saturday 29th October
Location – The Mound, Edinburgh
Time – 12:45pm – 3pm aka YOGA FLASH MOB TIME!
Our Mission – To spread positivity & love around Edinburgh and beyond!
Why? – BECAUSE Yogi Be! Yogi Do!
Sometimes a Yogi’s just got to stand up and be a tree and show the world what we’re made of!

Yoga teacher Hayley Price and me (Susan Reynolds) decided it was time to call on all Yogi’s to Unleash their Asana’s, pick up their Bandhas and Take to the Streets in a flash mob style yoga demonstration!

At first we were bombarded by the occupy Edinburgh march at 1pm but they soon marched on (literally!) and we had full rein of The Mound!

Check it out!

Find out more on our Facebook page:
Bold Yogi on Facebook! Bold-Yogi-Peaceful-Demonstrations-Towards-Joyful-Living

Big Love and Thanks to Hayley for helping arrange this amazing event 🙂
Watch this space, we had so much fun, there’s sure to be more to come…
xxx S xxx


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