Got butterflies?

For the first time I can remember I have followed through on new years resolutions!
Actually, it was on the winter solstice these specific intentions were set but that time of year is all about the same process,
On the solstice I posted on the wee yogi FB page:

Today we enter winter solstice – the shortest day, the longest night – Our seeds have been planted, now is the time to commit to that seed – if you only have space and energy for one seed then one is enough – choose one to focus your intention on – be honest with what you can commit to. Nourish this seed today. Make a realistic tangible plan – write it down – spend this day allowing it’s roots to sink deep into your psyche. Warm winter solstice wishes to you and bright visions for the coming light and this next cycle…

Boy did these words frighten me! Yet I had written them!
I knew what I was planting would ask for commitment and a shifted habit pattern.
Without my knowing the tendency had become so much a part of ‘me’ it didn’t seem like it should ever change but my intuition was telling me it had to.
What is not important here is what ‘it’ was – more that I chose to stick to my guns and sure enough, only 9 days into 2012 the fruits are all around me!
I realize this is an ongoing process and not a destination I will get to – but it is happening!
I reflect upon how specific I was and clear and honest about what I desired and required to change.
The scariest part of all of this intention setting stuff is that it will come true provided to you follow your truth, it’s usually the thing that awakens the small forest full of butterflies in your belly or gives your heart a sudden rush of blood that makes it feel like it might pop out your mouth!

The past week I have been hanging out with Jill Manning (a visiting Ashtanga Yoga teacher from the USA) who has been delivering some daily inspirations to the Morning Mysore crew at Bristo Yoga School (BYS) and indeed back at home since we are flat mates right now!
What has amazed me most about this past week at practice has been the clear lack of disgruntled yogi’s thinking “i’m not good enough, I shouldn’t be here…etc etc”
Yes, it has been my experience that the traditional Ashtanga yoga teaching approach ‘Mysore style’ is PERCIEVED to be for the elite yogis, for gymnasts and twenty somethings with nothing else to do with their day…
Jill, with her positivity, encouragement & boundless energy in the shala, has managed to turn this thinking around in only 1 week.
BYS Morning Mysore has graced the presence of beginners young and older in their years!
What ‘s more is that those who attended daily previous to Jill’s arrival (in my perception) have a completely different  outlook on this practice.
The words that have stuck with me the most are simple yet effective and oh so true –

” Why set yourself up for failure? – make realistic goals – and if you don’t come to practice every day of the week you have not failed and you can still come on Friday if you didn’t come on Thursday – every practice is a practice no matter how short or long, and even if you skipped it yesterday!”

Thank you Jill, we’re so super lucky you’ll be here for another 5 weeks!

The connection to my intentions on winter solstice?
Everyday I re-affirm (scary because remember this is going to come true and braking habits can be sore!)
Everyday I wipe the slate clean (even when yesterday went really well/really rubbish!)
Everyday I am grateful that I have the ability to choose and that intentions, resolutions can start anytime, new moon, full moon, new year, solstice and even right NOW.
You just draw a line and start again.
Now is your sacred moment for renewal!

Today’s full moon could be a time to feel disappointed. Last full moon I wrote:

Time to complete your intentions, consolidate what you did not and feel the support and power of our booming white friend ♥

It could be a time to ask; Was I realistic? Is this truly what I want? Can I try again starting right now…?

*Full Moon Blessings* I hope you enjoyed your lie in as much as I did!
…and biggest thanks to my friends, family and community who have made 2012 the year of community and surrounding yourself with the people who you love and who inspire you – if this is possible in 9 days, what is 20th December going to look like 😉 I love you!

S ❤

PS – Jill’s blog:

Today 7:30am


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