Giving an asana the cold shoulder?

A lot of the time yoga teachers, myself included, tell us ‘to practice yoga both on and off the yoga mat…’
Yesterday in ‘Chanting and Chatting with Jill Manning‘ she touched on the subject of your yoga asana practice being a reflection of who you are off the mat –

“The First Surya Namaskar is perfect, controlled, almost text book! After 5 surya namaskar A, it is is quite clear who that person is and what they are like in ‘real life’!”

In my opinion the practice of observing yourself on the mat (as if in the 3rd person) is something that we can all use to become more conscious of who we are and what we have become.
From here we can see why our life is headed in this or that direction…

So here’s where wee yogi gets to be super honest and reveal herself with out caring (…because at the end of the day, you can watch my practice any time you like, you will see for yourself… every morning I choose to practice in a group of between 10-20 people – how more exposed could I be?!).

About 4 weeks ago, huffing and puffing away on my yoga mat I notice my tendancy to cheat – there you go I said it – yes, CHEAT!!
Oh well, perhaps ‘cheat’ is a little on the strong side… perhaps I should have used ‘avoid’.
What I mean in this…
When a posture is difficult – I have been known to do something tricksy that makes it way more achievable.
Question: How do I know I am cheating and not simply lacking the ability to perform?
Answer: Because when I practice every day and I do the same ‘trick’ every day and the true asana never gets any easier.
(i.e. whatever I am doing is not serving me in order to progress for the better, it is keeping me stuck in a place that does not serve me.)
Conclusion: The only person I am cheating is myself ~ The only person I am avoiding is myself

*Perhaps this is why I chose to set the intention of clarity this year?!*

For me – when times were tough I used to choose the path of least resistance.
I avoided confrontation at all costs.
I just wanted the world to be a happy peaceful place now – was that too much to ask?!
The answer is yes it is too much to ask wee yogi – this just is not what life/the world is like!
To get to where we want to be, we have to put a little work in and do the stuff that feels crap at the time, frustrating perhaps and sometimes pointless.
But if it is true and for the greater good, however small, it will bring about change.
Now; finding the answer to what ‘right approach’ is, what is going to serve us, knowing when it is enough and how to be clear with people while also having integrity???
Now, that takes yoga in action 😉
Only you know the answer, and the answer is inside.
It requires patience and honesty and careful listening.

With Clarity
In Love and Gratitude

x wee yogi x


2 thoughts on “Giving an asana the cold shoulder?

  1. Kat says:

    Ahoy Wee-yogi clarity! Well done for this beautiful post. Yoga on the mat prepares us for what is off the mat; what is off the mat is easy compared to that what is on the mat. Thats why there are some postures that don’t come naturally, other postures that are easy to get into but aren’t drawn from the core and postures that look the impossible, but with focus, intention, patience and dedication – Courage is born, as you know. Thank you for your honesty and love xxx

  2. Nigel says:

    Another great insight! When you cheat on the mat the person you’re cheating is yourself. Wisdom comes in wee containers.

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