Questions for a RAW FOODIST?

I always dream big on moon days.
I set intentions yes, but when I say dream I mean dreams of the sleeping kind – big ones – the crazy dreams where everything comes in to remind you, show you, clarify for you and sometimes scare you…
Last night was not scary. Instead it confirmed for me the intention I have set for this next cycle is a good one. It is going to be fun, useful and challenging for me and I hope for some of my new friends.
This new moons intention is a practical one: To start in motion blog to answer the questions I get asked rather than always saying what I want to say just because…
Let me first reveal for you the top 20 questions (there are many more) I get asked which, like I say, were reiterated to me in my slumber last night from many of the dear folks I know who asked me…

1 “What do you eat?”
2 “Is this (insert food/snack or whole) raw?”
3 “Aren’t you hungry?”
4 “Don’t you miss (insert food/drink/place/activity/drug)?”
5 “What happened to you went you went raw?”
6 “Do you eat raw meat?”
often followed by…
7 “What about protein?”
8 “Did you loose a lot of weight?”
9 “Do you think you’ll ever have a (insert food/drink/drug) again?
10 “How long have you been a raw foodist?”
11 “Can you make me a raw (insert cooked food/snack)?”
12 “How do you do an enema?”
13 “Don’t you want some (insert cooked food/snack)? followed by – oooooh go on, you know you want to!”
14 “What do you do when you travel?”
15 “What percentage are you?”
16 “Why are you doing this?”
17 “How did you start?”
18 “What is the best juicer/blender etc…..?”
19 “What do your family think”
20 “What about evolution and the invention of fire and so on…?”

It was a funny night in the dream world, kind of like question time with an audience and a presenter! There was even fresh green juice served during the interval.
~It was also extremely cosy – oh how I do ♥ moon day!~
Many who read this and don’t know me so well may wonder why I am asked such things…
To many people who know me I am an ‘ist’ or and ‘an’ which makes me different and therefore an obvious target of questioning for:
To others it may be because of the visible or tangible results that I get and therefore how strongly I believe in what I do. This leads these interested folks to asking:
There are also my dearest friends; the skeptics who ask “what if?” or just generally look at me in a concerned way. These are the folks who I learn from the most and who keep me questioning everything I do for which I am most grateful for.

In the meantime, this Friday at Bristo Yoga School I intend to host a short workshop on cleansing. There will be plenty of time for questions, answers and even some demos! I hope to see you there 😉 Contact me for more info, friend me on FaceBook, sign up for my newsletter – lets stay connected!

So, what I desire and require to effectively follow through on my intention:
Time – No excuses wee yogi – I shall make space almost each day for some kind of useful, question – answering blast into the information highway
Camera – Preferably an iPhone – for taking pictures & uploading directly to FB/Blog (plus my mobile phone just broke down and so I can only confidently text people – grrr!)
Questions – Que – YOU! If there is something in the list above that you have to, need to, desire and require to know about me, the way I roll, what results (good or bad) I have experienced, then now is your time to ask.
Your understanding and common sense to know that this blog is about me – I am by no means suggesting you do this or that the way I live my life is ‘THE WAY’. Explore, question, take it all with a pinch of salt, leave what you don’t need. If you don’t agree and want to respond, know that I will only respond to comments that are constructive, integral and compassionate. If you don’t like it and cannot respond in a kind way please just don’t read it or at least don’t expect a response.
(NB: The opposite of love/kindness being anger/hate/fear IMHO)

Small Print – There is no written contract here. I can do my best and answer genuine questions in the very limited time I have available. Please remember I too have a life off the laptop, laundry to do, juicers to clean and trees to hug 😉

So, watch this space – it’s coming soon to a blog post near you!

I hope you slept well, had great dreams and are setting wonderfully fun and exciting intentions – we are after all on this earth to live life to the fullest – right?!?

Happy Moon Day everybody! ♥


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