More questions, green soup and my Dad

You know you’re on to something good when you come out of your morning yoga practice and hear your fellow yogi friends say those magical words I love to hear –

“I had green soup* last night…” (*raw blended veggies)
~ anon

So, whatever this years blog looks like I know one thing is for sure, I am not doing it for nothing and for no one.
Last year I shied away from writing anything – I went into hibernation to work on my own with what I have learned the past 4 years of choosing yet another fold in my lifestyle – it was like study time, marination time.
This March will mark the 4th year anniversary of me being a ‘raw foodist’…
I am choosing to use that term here since it is the clearest way to depict what I do for food.
But, as you will learn, should you choose to join me, raw food isn’t just about turning off the stove.
***I still drink tea***
***I still heat some foods in order to ‘extract’ the properties I am looking for (i.e. gelatinized Maca)***
***I go beyond food and into – what can I do today to feel even better than I do right now?***
~ Environment, water, friends, television, sleep, rest, bathing products… all this matters to me ~
Whether I succeed or not, doesn’t matter as much as starting again each day with that intention.

So, I have already answered a few questions here, I feel like I can successfully say, today I kept my promises!
There’s more to come…
This morning I was already presented with 2 more questions on the way to practice…

“…what about how much it costs to live this way? How do you start slow? What about the equipment? What is the bare minimum you need to get started? How can we do a little before we go the whole way…?”
~ Jill

What I loved about this was the number of, “how to’s?” and less of the “why’s?”
This is what keeps me talking, so if you want me to talk – talk to me!
Now, I am off to have juice (probably a beetroot, spinach and apple since that’s the best I can find without going too far…)
Later I am meeting my Dad at Earthy for lunch – he will drink coffee and I won’t judge him.
He’s a down to earth guy with no interest in raw food.
When we were kids he would give us a pint of milk and a plate of baked beans if we were sick.
My parents are no hippies, I wasn’t raised this way.
Me and my Dad (and the rest of my family) have the best relationship I could wish for and I am so grateful… more on that later.
Talk soon 🙂
Big Love
wee yogi x


3 thoughts on “More questions, green soup and my Dad

  1. Gill says:

    I too am grateful for what we create as a family unit, Sue. There is nothing more wonderful experiencing the benefits of each others’ unconditional love. = Open. Compassionate. Love. xxx

  2. jojo says:

    Like the rest of you reading this post i love yoga and it has become a big part of my life over the past year , however wee yogi what is your advice to someone who has battled with anorexia and is interested in the raw food diet but is fearful that committing to a restrictive diet may be unhealthy for the mind?

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