Why? Because it feels good. Period.

Many people ask me why I eat whole organic living foods (raw foods, organic foods).
It is simple – I do it because it feels good and I enjoy it!
I wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t feel good or if it were like torture – that would defeat the purpose – I did a lot of that in my teens!
So, I keep doing what I am doing and feel better & thrive or I change something when I don’t.
A lot of the time I know why I don’t feel great since I have become better able to listen to my body – not always perfect, just better at listening.
I’ll talk more about this during my talk tonight at BYS!
I have heard many theories but what matters most to me is the day to day experience of doing something.
Whatever fruits are produced will show you if it is good for you or not.
On a lighter note – something interesting to look at and think about…
~ Kirlian Photography ~
These pictures may or may not explain why I feel so good:


What is Kirlian Photography
In their book, The Dark Side of the Brain, Drs. Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill suggest that the effect observed in Kirlian photography results from a high-voltage coronal discharge. It is caused by pulsed high-frequency waves (not to be confused with simple high-frequency waves) and can therefore be explained in terms of ordinary physics. William A. Tiller, PhD, of Stanford University, states that every substance and organism radiates and absorbs energy via a unique wave field, which then exhibits certain geometrical frequency and radiation characteristics. There is a measurable, extended force field that exists around all forms of matter, whether animate or inanimate.
Taken from: www.thesynergycompany.com


One thought on “Why? Because it feels good. Period.

  1. Fi says:

    another rawsome blog Suey. Can’t wait to hear your talk later this evening…I love those veg aura pics. That more than anything illustrates the benefits of being Raw,,,

    much love Fi x

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