'Though this be madness yet there is method in it'.

Rumi the poet

You’ve been walking the ocean’s edge, holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under, and deeper under, a thousand times deeper!


I have been practicing yoga asana for about 10 years now – my first class was when I was 17 in a gym in Manchester.
That said, I wasn’t really serious about it until I found Iyengar when I was 19. From that day forth I practiced yoga asana of some kind daily.
By the age of 21 I had travelled to India, practiced Ashtanga Yoga, Sivananda Yoga and many other forms/styles, I don’t remember the names they were given, but they were all great experiences.


By the age of 23 I had practiced more styles of yoga than I can count and had not succeeded to keep my eye on the target for more than 3 years at one time.
I have been dabbling for many years.
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with dabbling – but in my experiences it will have you running round in circles, confused, lost, overwhelmed.

Today (and over the past few weeks) Jill Manning shedded light on something so simple yet so powerful and effective.
Method defined is – a procedure, technique, or way of doing.
We are all on a path trying to get somewhere.
I believe we all ultimately want the same thing out of this life (underneath all of our masks) … we just come from a different angle.
Having a method and practicing it consistently.
It is simple common sense.
Ashtanga Yoga as passed on by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois has method.
Love that.
The Rumi poem above has always made my skin tingle and it makes sense too.
Choose a method (whatever it is you are trying to do)
Align your telescope…
…and dive in!
From Shakespeare’s Hamlet, 1602… ‘Though this be madness yet there is method in it’.


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