SUPTÁ (7) Questions and a 'Joie de vivre'

Yesterday I got my first formal list of questions from an interested and inquisitive lady.
All questions are great – no matter how basic and the answers are never obvious if you have not had the experience or some kind of gentle pushing towards the point, in your life how are you supposed to know?!
Ok, so here are the questions – and answers – I hope they help!
More soon please!
Love and Gratitude
From your wee yogi ♥

  • How/can I make green juices in a centrifugal juicer? (this is all I have)
    In the long run, wee yogi suggests investing in one of these:

    Omega 8006 (aka – Ommmmmmmega 8006!)

    This is the juicer of choice because it does juice almost anything. It might be slower & more expensive, but the time you spend cleaning the other option (see below) and the lack of juice you get out of the other option (see below) and the lack of nut butters and ice creams in your life because the other option doesn’t do that (see below) – ALL out weighs the time/price argument IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) BTW (by the way) 😉
    If you want a green juice and only have a centrifugal juicer (they don’t do leafy greens) – juice apples, celery and cucumber then add a powdered wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella or chlorophyll liquid booster – this is the 2nd best option and means you’re still getting a ton of green in. I don’t advocate what I don’t do/have not done in the past my self!

    Centrifugal Juicers do have a place in this world but they are a bummer to clean and not as juicy as the masticating Ommmmmmega 8006 – literally 😉

  • Is there an ideal time of day to take bee pollen – ie. before morn mysore/ after??
    Bee pollen is best on an empty stomach to increase absorption. Right after practice is a great time! Juice and bee pollen is my fave breakfast! I personally snack on it also (it’s full of energy!). I don’t eat before practicing yoga as I allow my body to do yoga asana (physical practice) then eating and therefore digestion/absorption later but a wee bit of bee pollen in the early days of practice is not a big deal so bee pollen would be a good option if you have to eat something.
  • I have powdered hemp..can I add it to juices? Will it dominate the taste?
    Yes, add it to juice if you like but it won’t mix very well as fats don’t bind with water (oooh listen to me the scientist!). So, I don’t eat hemp protein as it’s not really that ‘whole’ in my opinion – and a waste on your £’s! IMHO – buy an OMEGA 8006 and make hemp butter in that and eat it on a raw cracker or make it into a dip 🙂 yumm!
  • Being Raw seems quite costly…how do you manage it on a small budget?!
    What are your priorities? I am a full time yoga teacher with a SUPER low income. It’s hard but if you do it right and learn how to be nourished you won’t crave the expensive stuff anymore and/or you can make your own expensive treats (e.g. kale chips in the store costs 100% more than home made). I also don’t get sick and spend less (100% less) on self help books and ‘stuff’ people buy to make up for the lack of ‘oomph’ that’s missing in their lives. Raw food is pure prana and makes you feel good!!
  • How do you deal with social invitations? Do you just bring your own?
    I go to parties and sometimes I do take raw food, if I don’t take anything I enjoy the company not the nibbles!!! If however I do take something to share I am usually a good conversation starter and I enjoy sharing. Sometimes, the next day I am the talk of FaceBook and have many new friend invites because they want to know how to do it too! 😉 Being raw feels good in the morning 😉 One last point here is that by the kind of social invites you attract just through being more healthy and radient generally change and will start to match what you put out there.

    wee yogi in the kitchen - Mince Pies for a family Christmas!

  • Can you eat too many greens? Does it make your bowel movements too loose/farty?! (I’m farty enough)
    Food combining is a big topic. In a nut shell, eat fruits and greens in the morning and/or juice in the first part of the day. Leave cooked food or heavier food for later on. Think of your guts like compost heap – pile it up so the stuff at the bottom can move through easily rather than it sitting and fermenting on top of porridge etc = GAS! IMHO – you can’t eat too many green – try – your body will eat as many as it can then it is likely will ask for something sweet/acidic to balance you out. Also – greens are FULL of protein and minerals to the maximum! Eat as many as you can!

    Kale Heaven in Costa Rica

  • What were the psychological effects of going Raw? Lows/highs…
    This is another BIG topic since it is different for everyone. The big lows FOR ME were a migraine followed having to deal with the family telling me to go to the Dr. It was hard to show them I was okay and had not gone cuckoo! Sometimes when you are detoxing (yes, you will detox AND crave crap in the beginning…) it can be tough. You might feel a bit teary, weepy, melancholic… anything is possible! Just remember you are detoxing YEARS of bad food, relationships, chemicals and god knows what else – heavy metal detox can be the WORST! Stick to it, eliminate well (on all levels) and you’ll be fine!
    The highs…. here’s a pic from when I first went raw, happy, glowing and overflowing with love and a general joie de vivre! ♥

    100% Raw for 3 months – my 24th Birthday


One thought on “SUPTÁ (7) Questions and a 'Joie de vivre'

  1. Fi says:

    gorgeous lady…thank you for answering all my questions, even the stupid ones!
    I have printed off and am saving my pennies for the Omega juicer…it really does seem to be the fully monty and if it saves me cleaning my horrid centrifugal one, I’m sold on it! 🙂

    look forward to your next blog.

    FF Fennel x x x

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