Love thy kidneys (…and yet another food diary)

I recently got these questions in an email from a friend and they said it was okay to share with you…

How do you do the kidney cleanse that you mentioned is recommended
before doing a liver cleanse? I think that when I was ill recently it
was to do with my kidneys, though I'm not certain. I ached quite a
bit, but in particular was my lower back. I felt very thirsty and
didn't want to eat, the thought made me feel sick, my temperature
regulation went haywire and it felt unusually amazing to stretch my
lower back.
The lower back pain had started slightly when I was at my dad's at
Christmas eating meat and drinking, both of which I rarely do. Then
back in Edinburgh I had half a bottle of beer and the next day my
lower back was really uncomfortable. I drank lots of cranberry juice,
cider vinegar and ate garlic, I slept lots and each night I lay my
lower back on a hot water bottle and I got better quite fast. Does
this sound like a mild kidney infection?

Just in case you didn't know what they look like or where they are, the kidneys are the big red blobs, the adrenal glands are the yellow areas sitting on top, the yellow tubes are heading to your bladder.

Here’s what I said in response…
(NB. I am not a Dr. nor do I pretend to be!)

Sounds to me like you were experiencing some kind of detox symptom from what you ate/drank and had to deal with over Xmas but there is no way I could ever know for sure. Pain/aches in the lower back area says to me you are lacking support – this could mean your physical daily ‘energy’, ‘chi’, ‘life-force’ (whatever you call it) is low OR you are lacking support in life in general. You were thirsty because you need to drink more water/herbal tea/juice (i.e. HYDRATE) that is what the kidneys need to clean out. Your adrenals sit above the kidneys. If you are burned out (constant squeezing of the adrenals) you are clearly needing more of that ‘support’ (in whatever way you translate it’) 😉 So – take rest, do less and remember your body is designed to heal…
It is so easy to cleanse the kidneys but a lot of the time it is made to be complicated by many ‘health gurus’.
Here is what I would do:
  1. Take a weekend or if you have it 3/4 days of ‘down time’
  2. Cleanse the colon (enema/colonic)
  3. Drink as much juice as you can (not too much sugary juice – edge towards greens and less fruits and sweet roots)
  4. Drink lots of water and teas (dandelion tea & nettle tea are the best and most affordable for kidneys)
  5. Avoid solid food if you can – allow for lots of elimination – you’re also going to be pee-ing a lot!
  6. REST A LOT – DO NOT DO THIS WHILE TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR BUSY LIFE (get you boyfriend/friends on your side for support)
  7. Stay warm, eat less, sleep as much as you need to
  8. Avoid excessive stimulation (TV, computers, stress, annoying people)
  9. REST MORE and the MORE AGAIN!
  10. Think positive thoughts = Feel awesome Red heart
Looking forward to more of your questions soon!
Stay well, stay happy 🙂
xxx S xxx

‘February’s Food’ – Monday 6th February

7:00am –
1 litre of warm water with lemon (skin and all juiced in the Omega 8006)
1 small cup of white tea
3 teaspoons of raw honey (not in the tea, just eaten off the spoon – WHY? see yesterdays blog!)

10am –
1 litre of JUICE (1 large cucumber, 2 apples, 1 large bag of spinach)
4 tablespoons of dried bee pollen
50 chlorella tablets

11am –
750ml herbal tea
2 teaspoons of fresh stone ground cacao (steve is experimenting with his stone grinder!)
1 table spoon stone ground coconut creme

Then… ~ Blended ~
More cold herbal tea with:
Hemp seeds, maca, shilajit, cacao powder, 4 dates, non GMO soya lecicin

Throughout afternoon –
1 liter bottled highland spring water

2 tablespoons of dried bee pollen
35g Kale Chips
1 x Raw Superfood bar from real foods (new line just released from St Ives)

Dinner –
Green soup (made a huge bowl – not sure on exact measure) containing:
1 bag salad mix
2 romaine lettuce
1 bag of rocket
2 Tablespoons of Hemp seeds
1 Tablespoon coconut creme
1/2 teaspoon chilli (this is a HOT n SPICY SOUP!)
1/2 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar


Later –
4 tablespoons of bee pollen
500ml Pukka ‘Night Time Tea’
2 teaspoons of raw honey


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