Ups and Downs (+ 1 more food diary)

This time last year I was living and ‘working’ (shhhhhh!) in a little town called Patagonia in Arizona USA.
I was teaching one yoga class per week and the rest of the time sitting at a desk job I didn’t enjoy….
Basically doing something I had told myself (and others) I would ever do (work a job I didn’t like).
There were many little things about this time in my life that left me feeling less than whole.
That which is not whole: simply is not yoga.

The past few weeks practicing Ashtanga yoga with Jill truly set my telescope back on the target.
I chugged away through primary and second series under her special teaching guidance for 6 weeks.
I had the time and the energy to go deeper.
Now, teaching 20+ classes per week I have less time to practice asana.
I am focusing on 2nd series and whatever comes up…
Early this week I felt something lift physically, right inside my pelvis.
I have had something that feels like a tummy ache for the days proceeding along with some new hip/psoas stuff .
Yesterdays practice around Eka Pada Sirsasana turned into me reclining on the floor in many strange shapes with my legs and hips in positions I’ve never seen before.
I was on a mighty exploration into my hips.
It felt indulgent to stray from ‘the sequence’ but so effective to lie and listen to what had risen and in the quiet of my private yoga practice I was able to listen.
… and today? I feel SO different. I am not yet able to verbalize what happened. All I know is that this yoga stuff works. Ashtanga Yoga works for me.
It has brought to the surface stuff that would have otherwise been left to fester – it gives me no choice but to look at the things I don’t even know are there.
All those days at the desk in AZ feeling less than whole, might just have crept up on me.
I am watching this process right now and responding with nurturing patient breaths.
Am I now getting the time to let it go?
In the 1.5 hours of quiet I get each day – (*gratitude*) – the dramatic difference in noise, stimulus and responsibility compared to the rest of my day – maybe that is what this is for?
Look out for those see-saws!
The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows – this life sure is an adventure and from each perspective on the see-saw of life there is something to learn, something to make you more conscious, something to take you closer to wholeness.

February Food – Thursday 16th February 2012

1 liter of warm water with 1 lemon juiced (skin and all)

3 teaspoons of raw honey
1 cup of white tea

50 chlorella tablets
500ml coconut water
1 dessertspoon Manuka Honey 5+

3 dessertspoons bee pollen
1 dessert spoon coconut oil

3 tablespoons raw Almond butter
1 dessert spoon maca (upping the dose)
3 dessert spoons cacao powder
3 apricots
1 teaspoon shilajit
a little pink salt

250ml coconut water

4 X beetroot/flax raw crackers from real foods
Green soup – containing
1 romaine lettuce,
2 salad packs,
1 bag os spinach
1 cucumber,
1 bag of rocket,
4 dessert spoons of hemp seeds (no shells!),
2 table spoons of cider vinegar,
1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1 dessert spoon of non-GMO soya lecicin

Before bed…

1 liter of Pukka ‘Harmonise’ tea
2 prunes (a little sugar for my brain helps me sleep)


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