Stewart's 7 day juice feast & blog

I first met Stewart in a yoga class.
I remember him asking me if I knew why he couldn’t jump forwards to standing with his knees together, why his hips were so tight and why nothing was changing…
At the time we couldn’t figure out what to do using yoga as the sole route through this issue.

Recently, Stewart decided to seek out some advice from Steve of  ‘Radiant Health’ Stewart is sharing his recent progress via his daily blog!

Click here to learn more about Radiant Health

Stewart is not lazy, he has put many years into his yoga practice but it seems something was missing.
As you will read from his blog (link below) he suffers from inflammatory arthritis which manifests itself in reduced range of motion in his spine and hip flexors.
Steve (Radiant Health) has put Stewart on a 7-day juice feast and cleanse he wants to find out if a sluggish bowel can generate an inflammatory process.
Stewart says:

“PS this is not just my whacky idea – there is a school of thought in mainstream medicine regarding what’s known as “enteropathic arthropathies” – which is a fancy term which means a leaky or sluggish bowel can cause antigens to seep into the blood stream resulting in an inflammatory response.
I have never done a juice feast / cleanse. However, I believe that a person can positively influence their health by making the right choices and being mindful – thinking about where your food comes from and making informed choices about what to put in your mouth.
I made the decision to seek out help to educate myself…”

I’m really pleased Stewart said it was okay for me to share his story with & you can follow his journey here:

***Stewarts Blog***

When I asked Stewart if I could share his inspiring blog with you in the attempt to big him up for his amazing-ness he said:

“ha ha bigging me up is not something a shy Buddhist would want…but go ahead and post, I have nothing to hide.  You can say that one of my motivations is to open my body – to enhance my yoga :)”

So, check it out!

Thank goodness I am not the only one sharing such a crazy looking food diary!
I for one would not have changed my lifestyle if it didn’t truly work – I believe that yoga asana on it’s own is not enough if you want radiant health!
Often, by doing yoga asana (the physical poses) we are lead to the more deeper aspects of living life to our fullest.
Yoga is wholeness which means it encompasses every part of your life – including what you put in your mouth… and what comes out the other end too!

Now here’s my in put for the day, yesterday!

February Food – Wednesday 22nd February 2012

1 liter of warm water with 1 lemon juiced (skin and all)

3 teaspoons of raw honey
1 cup of white tea

1 liter Coconut water
1 Cup of Pukka’s ’3 Mint Tea’
1 dessertspoon Manuka Honey 5+

…in between it all –
1 bar of ‘Pacari’ 100% cacao

5 Clemintines (I ♥ mono meals!)


Green soup – containing

1 romaine lettuce,
1 butterhead lettuce
2 salad packs,
1 bag of rocket
1/2 cucumber,
2 little gem lettuces
4 dessert spoons of hemp seeds (no shells!),
2 table spoons of cider vinegar,
1 teaspoon chilli

2 NORI ROLLS – containing
1 Nori sheet per ‘roll’
1/3 salad pack per ‘roll’
2 table spoons of coconut aminos per ‘roll’
1 table spoon almond butter per ‘roll’

1 apple
1 liter of mix of valerian and rooibos tea


One thought on “Stewart's 7 day juice feast & blog

  1. Stewart Wiseman says:

    I still can’t float through gracefully in my yoga transitions, but I continue to work at it and it will come in ots own good time 🙂 And a big public thanks to Steve for his amazing support !!

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