Some great questions answered and a bonkers – bonanza food diary!

I’ve had some questions and the anonymous lovely lady has said it is coolio to blog them!

Hi Wee Yogi!
I hope you’re having a good rest day. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about supplements because I want to make sure that I’m buying the right stuff before I buy it. I usually try to do my research but it’s difficult to figure out what products are best – like chlorella, which I’ll now order in tablet form. However, I wanted to ask if – a) if you have any brand recommendations for MSM and chlorella/spirulina, b) what you think about b12 patches as a form of supplementing b12 intake, and c) are there any supplements which you take that you think are amazing. I am always afraid of being b12 and iron deficient, and when I’m really busy it is hard to monitor (or remember to monitor), my vitamin and mineral intake. However, I try really hard! Currently, I’m eating about 40% – 50% raw depending on the day, and the rest of my food is vegan. I’ve cut down on gluten/grains by about 50% but it won’t be until I get paid that I can splash out on some flax crackers and start experimenting with nori and such.

Ok, so here goes… with many thanks to Steve for reminding me of the proper names of things and where to find them 🙂

a) Brand recommendations for MSM and chlorella/spirulina –

  • I like MSM from ‘Omica’ (easy to get in the USA) or if you can’t find that brand in the UK, get it from and learn more HERE
  • Chlorella – GOOD QUESTION! This is not only about the brand but about the type. Many kinds on the market are redundant because the body cannot absorb them. Look out for ‘pyrenoidosa’ strain chlorella. These guys do the yummiest version but I know Real Foods sell a brand of ‘pyrenoidosa’ too.
  • I like THIS SPIRULINA from Healthforce Nutritionals, it is good quality and tastes good (to me!) add it to your smoothy if you don’t like the taste.
    (NB; watch out for ‘bulk bin’ supplements – these are often cheaply bought by the ton and badly stored then re-sold at a high price after they have been sitting in a warehouse for months!!!)

b) What I think about b12 patches as a form of supplementing b12 intake –

I don’t bother but if you do need B12 (i.e. if you know you are major deficient – some people are and it is very dangerous to be) the only kind we can uptake is called methylcobalamin. This is the form that exists in nature. It is pre-methylated therefore ‘ready’ for your body to use. If you are going to get a B12 shot BE SURE it is this kind and NOT the other which contains CYANIDE!!! No kidding!
The details and more reasons why (too much to go into here) is in this amazing article.

c) Supplements which I take which I think are amazing –

(Unless you see bee pollen and blue green algae as supplementation? In My Humble Opinion – these are foods and could be a main staple of the planets diet rather than cows and stuff like that 😉 I guess MSM is the only exception – I have never taken it but my good friends who have taken it or do take it say it has changed their lives!)

…I have never taken any kind of supplements in my time as a ‘raw foodist’ or vegan.
I had a B12 shot in Arizona when I was there just for a laugh to see how I felt and didn’t feel any different.
I think I might get my B12 from bee pollen, maybe from the bugs I don’t wash off my lettuces, maybe the spirulina or even nori seaweed???
…I don’t know but I feel good!
…I do miss my blue green algae though (a.k.a ‘Brain On’, ‘Crystal Manna’,  AFA; from ‘Lake Klamath’) and I can feel it by the lack of juice in my joints (they are clicking a bit).
I try not to worry about stuff until I feel like there is something missing, then I look into how to fix it.
When I was ‘vegan’ I was tired and sluggish – close to ‘M.E’ feelings (chronic fatigue) – so that’s when I cleaned my body (gave it a FULL service) and went raw.

Hope this helps you all!

Remember ~ I am me ~ you are you ~ there is not a perfect formula ~ listening to your body is the key.


February Food – Saturday 25th February 2012

1 liter of warm water with 1 lemon juiced (skin and all)

3 teaspoons of raw honey
1 cup of white tea

750mls water
1 Cup of Pukka’s ’3 Ginger Tea’
1 dessertspoon Honey

750mls coconut water

SUPER Indulgent cacao smoothie…
(as raw as I could make it with Edinburgh stores provisions)
2 dessert spoons flax seeds soaked for 30 mins in 250mls coconut water
3 tablespoons ‘raw’ vanilla ice cream (made from cashews, agave and water)
1 SMALL banana
1 medjool date
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 tablespoon maca powder
1 tea spoon shilajit powder
1 tablespoon non GMO soya lecicin (to bind it all together)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
3 tablespoons (yes, tablespoons!) cacao powder
small pinch salt
(NB: this is sooooo sweet and over the top and not something I would do every day – it is crazy combinations of nuts and fats and sugars but once in a blue moon – it’s coolio! Plus it got me through a HUGE pile of homework for massage school!)

5pm –
500mls nettle tea

6:30pm –

Green soup – containing:

1 butterhead lettuce
2 salad packs,
1 bag of rocket
1 cucumber,
3 dessert spoons of hemp seeds (no shells!),
2 table spoons of cider vinegar,
1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 pear
1 liter of ‘Pukka’s’ – Night Time Tea


5 thoughts on “Some great questions answered and a bonkers – bonanza food diary!

  1. Fi fi says:

    Susan, I’ve seen you mention shilajit powder before…can you explain what this is and what the benefits are please? thank you lovely x x

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