*No Matter What* -Dance

On Sunday I shared what it is like being a ‘giver’ of sorts for a vocation (therapist/yoga teacher), with my favorite shiatsu therapist in Edinburgh (I go to Emmanuelle).
Before I went in for my treatment we reflected a bit about how crazy 2012 had been already in terms of ‘big stuff’ happening all around.
She also shared with me that almost every time she answered the phone or spoke to a friend, there was ‘big news’ at the end of the line… a lot of the time, a death in that persons family…

Later that day, I went home to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at home.
Around 6pm, I got my call.
My Dad shares the news of a passing in the family that very morning…

In the day that followed I felt immense compassion towards my Uncle Bertie’s wife (of well over 50 years!) who I am sure must be in huge shock at such a sudden loss…
…however, for the most part I couldn’t help but just feel such a joy for his long, full and happy life…

Last night I went out for a long time planned event…
Florence and The Machine at Glasgow SECC

Me and my sisters (above) spent the entire evening together for the first time in ages.
During ‘Dog Days’ all 3 of us jumped up and danced, clapped, sang and smiled.
In my heart I celebrated Uncle Bertie – no matter what the occasion, he and his wife loved to dance, they’d always be the first and the last on the dance floor doing what they did best, dancing their way, encouraging others (especially the little ones), enjoying life and being with family.

Uncle Bertie

I *HIGHLY* recommend taking off your shoes and bouncing to this one…




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