Zoo Greens and Patchwork Quilts

Japaniese Knott Weed, Garlic Mustard, Dead Nettle, Ground Elder, Hawthorn, Comfrey, Gorse Flowers, Fir Tree Sprigs (eat seed pods only!) and british APPLES

After many weeks of a busy schedule averaging 22 classes per week, moving house plus a whole host of life changes – living with my big sister and her boyfriend is delivering me some well needed *simple things* to make a wee yogi like me smile from inside out.

Wild greens from the zoo – courtesy of Ridley (my sisters man),
chats over fresh wild green juice with my sister and a good girlfriend,

Green Juice while Gill works her magic on the sewing machine is *exactly* what I need...

The best things in life are FREE ♥


One thought on “Zoo Greens and Patchwork Quilts

  1. Gill says:

    Looking forward to more juice-juicyness with you later wee yogi! The sunshine is on the couch…hurry along homework partner! xxx

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