New chapter ~ me, you and everyone we know.

Today was my last day of teaching both Mysore slots at BYS in the mornings.
Next week the schedule shifts.
I’ll practice at 6am
Teach at 8am
Over all I’ll teach around 12 classes rather than the previous 22 and I won’t be getting up at 3:45am to practice at 5am before teaching!

Granted, I have been tired at times, but I am not complaining.
…What. A. Ride.
I have learned so much – from my students, I have so much gratitude to each and every one.
… and the experience and general – It was priceless and endless lessons keep on coming through.
I am so grateful to Karen for giving me this opportunity, for trusting me with what she has nurtured and grown so passionately over the years.
The seeds she planted are flourishing!
Thank you KB for an awesome experience!!!

Now. There appears to be huge changes happening around us all.
The landscape is changing for everyone and we all have to adapt.
Me, you, and everyone we know is ‘going through’ so much right now – and boy is that an understatement!
What keeps me going and makes it all so much simpler, easier a clearer path is this practice of Ashtanga yoga.
For me it is an invaluable constant, it keeps bringing me back to the point, back to the moment, it’s realistic, honest and humbling.

I look forward to the weeks ahead on the mat around those I have been teaching.
We are all in it all together.
Day in, day out, we come back to the point…
… all there is is NOW.


2 thoughts on “New chapter ~ me, you and everyone we know.

  1. Fi fi says:

    so beautifully written…as are you my Wee yogi friend…we will ‘get through’ everything together and through the unity and constancy of our wonderful, faithful, strong but gentle companion…Ashtanga 😉

    See you on the mat soon my amazingly gorgeous friend x x x x x x x x

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