My Kind of Medicine…

This week I got very little sleep, too little in fact, in consecutive order from Sunday night through to Saturday night were as follows:
5 hours, 5 hours, 5 hours, 5 hours, 5 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours.
A total of only 36 hours,
Ideally I require and desire 56,
… Yes, indeed the sleep police are after me!
… the healthy lifestyle police are after me!
… the ashtanga yoga police however are happily watching as I do 99% the ‘correct method’ – I’ll sleep when I die – right?!
This morning (Sunday) I woke feeling 99% less than whole and I knew inside out it was because of lack of sleep.
So, while sleep is not an option… well, that is until tonight, (… and this week things *do* get easier ~ hurrah!)…
Today, I find my medicine in my food:

Fernando, the juice man at the top of 'Middle Meadow Walk' here in Edinburgh has swapped his coffee machine for a wheat grass juicer! My prayers have been answered! Hare Krishna!

"Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates ~ This green gloop is totally YUM *and* it is PACKED with nutrition - Purple Corn Extract 7:1, Reishi Mushroom, Spirulina, Hemp Seeds (de-hulled of corse!), Rocket, Mixed Salad Leaves, Romaine Lettuce, and a dash of cider vinegar for taste and extra alkalinity!


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