* * * * S*N*O*W*G*L*O*B*E * * * *

Walking along in the still snow, it seems impossible to imagine a snow storm.
So when a snow storm comes it can be quite a surprise really.
And we are never ‘ready’.

Indeed I got my ‘snow globe’ shaken up and being inside the storm, the chaos of it all is overwhelming.
Suddenly the world is full of unpredictability.
The calm before the storm was a false sense of security.
That previous beauty, calm and equilibrium now seems like something quite out of reach.

I observe – sometimes it is better to wait. Go inside and wait for the snow to settle.
Stay ‘inside’ and watch the ‘snow’ ~ emotions, thoughts, feelings, pain, anger, sadness….
Let them fall like snow flakes, each one different, each one new, each one valid and allowed.
Be the observer.

Like at Christmas, sit at the window and watch it fall
indeed as Jill Manning would say – “the only way out IS in”...

Then, when the stillness comes again, as the snow flakes settle and the quiet returns in,
there is a certain kind of clarity.

Feeling, seeing… *being* is much more potent, the contrast of the snow storm can be quite revealing.

Snowglobe images courtesy of: www.martin-munoz.com


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