Join me on a juice feast!

Sunday 20th May is New Moon in Gemini!

From this Sunday I embark on a 7 day juice feast!
Juice feast means – all juice all day!
I am allowing bee pollen, honey and algae to supplement the process.
Herbal teas are also okay.
This will be my… goodness knows what number now…
Put it this way, I’m no stranger to this juicy adventure!
It is an adventure in that new ‘stuff’ comes up every time.
*Would you like to join me?!*
Contact me if you want to be part of a small group of us… I may even do a FB page!
… we will go on this adventure together, sharing thoughts, experiences and revelations, or not…
… it is up to you!


  1. Start 7 day JUICE FEAST – Sunday 20th May (Lets stop all solid food and get juicy! I have lots of extras up my sleeves!)
  2. Movie Night/Meet up at BYS – Friday 25th May (get together, watch a great movie, be inspired, share your stories.)
  3. ‘BreakFeast’ – Sunday 27th May (… start the ‘re-build’ phase to take us up to the full moon over the next 7 days.)
  4. Full Moon – Monday 4th June (The waxing moon is the time of regeneration absorption and supply!)
  5. I turn 28 a healthier, stronger and even more alive wee yogi! – Tuesday 5th June.

Why start on the new moon?
On the day of the new moon, the body’s capacity for detoxification is at it’s highest.
Anyone who makes it a rule to arrange a fast at the new moon is already on their way to preventing all kinds of illnesses.
Similarly, this is the day to make a new beginning.
Throw bad habits overboard!
Strong withdrawal is generally kept within bounds; mentally, too, people react more calmly to the ‘loss’.
Often ‘bad habits are just the outward expression of disoriented forces that often only need a new goal.
If you wish to give something up, let it be your choice and your choice only.
Don’t listen to the opinions of others when making this choice.
Then, don’t waste time looking for reason – this is your intuition talking now, reasoning has no place here.
Choose this new moon as the time of a ‘new age’ the power of this day will support you.


One thought on “Join me on a juice feast!

  1. Eleonora Italian says:

    Gosh Susan! This is such a great idea!!! I would love to join you all…. And I’ll be trying to join you from here…

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