Juice Feast: Day 1 of 7

Breakfast - This morning after a few deep breaths I chugged a full bottle of BrainOn! And oh boy, was my Brain on!

NB: chugging a bottle of BrainOn is not ‘normal’ do so at your own risk!

Today this made me sparkle:
1 quart of lemon water (whole skin added + MSM crystals)
Enema & gentle skin brushing
16 oz of BrainOn (see pic above)
… folowed by,
8 oz of goji and apple juice

I was at BYS giving a workshop on Juice feasting, which included:
Candle gazing meditation, intentions setting, TONS of personal insights, laughs and of course juice!
(+ a wee bit of bee pollen)
Check out and join in with our 7 days of juicy-ness on Facebook here:  JuiceFeastEdinburgh

More juice (see below) & herbal teas
…& a dose of good bacteria (I use Bio-Kult) before bed at home
… topped off with an early night I think.

These pics show a wee bit of what today was like but *nothing* can depict the feeling of magic inside that is coming with this new start for my body…
…& the joy of being with a bunch of fab girls all ready to get juicy and bow down to their awesomeness!

Today I woke with a headache and then again another headache later but generally feel rather buzzing and like this is only going to get easier!


Lemon Water First Thing

Goji & Apple

Gorgeous Girls get their juice ON!



Remember I said this was a feast so drink!
Here is 1000ml of juice…
I drank this entire 1 litre tonight!
This filled me up but you might need more/less.
Make this your feast not mine!
Have fun and enjoy ♥

Good bacteria and algae are my allies this week!

There are lots of links on my website to places to find the things you might need,
… if in real doubt, send me a wee email and i’ll do my best to respond!


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