Juice Feast: Day 2 of 7

Today’s work load looked like this:
1.5 hours Mysore style
1 hour 1:1 session
1 hour vinyasa flow class at BYS
1 hour private group vinyasa flow class
I stayed in BYS most of the day working on admin tasks

I also practiced yoga 6:15-8am and cycled everywhere
… including a wee trip to Earthy to get tonight’s juice supplies!

Today this carried me through on clouds (literally):

1 quart of lemon water (whole skin added + MSM crystals)
later on…
2 oz of BrainOn (a little more civilized than yesterday!)
and then, lots of soaked goji water while I taught
… folowed by,
8 oz of goji and apple juice (MUST get some grapefruits or i’ll be sweetened out to the max!)

Mid Morning
1 pint of green juice (mostly green leafy veg plus an apple and a pear – yum!)
Bee Pollen (about 4 tablespoons throughout the whole day)

500ml coconut water

More juice & herbal teas
…& another dose of good bacteria before bed.

How do I feel?
Last night I had terrible nights sleep with an achey lower back and horrendous dreams…
Today I had a couple of moments of the dull achey headache but I think a lot of that had to do with being down in a basement all day.
Tomorrow I MUST GET OUT!
Right now I feel good, inspired, excited, motivated…
(…plus a little swamped by my work load but hey, it is *so* worth the effort – there are some flippin’ fantastic treats ahead!).

I’ve heard a lot of folks are finding it really hard – and it is – it is never the same and it is never easy BUT there are some fun parts and the other side of this will be so magical so stick at it if you can!
At the end of the day, we all have to change our minds about how we approach any kind of change, even just a short term thing like this.
Juice feasts require a lot of energy on the inside, it’s a bit like yoga in that you simply *have* to look at stuff you don’t want to.
Physically, emotionally and spiritually.
It won’t allow you to ignore it any more.
So, change can be a good thing if you allow it to be, but it takes selfishness.
Time alone, excess energy for yourself and conscious decisions based on number 1 (i.e. YOU!).

Here’s some snaps from my weekend – moments I am grateful for ♥

This wee man knows what real food is!

My Dad whips out his famous Reynolds Raleigh!

Love thy girls!


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