Juice Feast: Day 3 of 7

100% better than yesterday.
Today I feel like this is already getting to be like the blissful juice feasts I remember.
I flew to BYS this morning and although my practice is not easy (still achey) I can see how in one day things are so different.
I can also see that achey-ness is for a reason and is there to teach you something.
One thing I am really learning this time is about how your mind tells you to do something and how it can often over ride our bodies true desires.
For example: I am not eating so instead I can observe the precise moments I would choose to eat and why.
During this feast I can stop and look and, do the thing I am avoiding or think about the the thing *I* don’t want to think about!!!
There’s no easy was of explaining this feeling – you just gotta do it!

Watermelon juiced, skin and all, then blend the pure juice (no bits) with chlorella powder. This is my kind of heaven!

Oh yes, my fave juice and it has *just come in* right on time for the feast.

Today I am grateful for:

1 quart of lemon water (whole skin added + MSM crystals)
later on…
2 oz of BrainOn (a little more civilized than yesterday!)
and then, lots of soaked goji water while I taught
… folowed by,
8 oz of goji and…. GRAPEFRUITS! YES, I got my grapefruit juice I am happy 🙂

Goji Grapefruit Gorgeousness

Mid Morning
Enema (to be sure the cleansing process is going full circle!)
Herbal Tea
Bee Pollen (about 4 tablespoons throughout the whole day)

weeyogi at the checkout - a decided lack of greens though 😦 I am going on the hunt for green leafy's!

After a wee bike ride to the supermarket… the almighty watermelon juice!

I am about to make more juice but I am not hungry at all!
(I am however excited about mixing in beet roots and carrots for a change!)
Special herbal tea is on it’s way also:

Reishi and Shilajit Herbal Tea Decoction


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