Juice Feast: Day 4 of 7

Remembering why I am doing this…

Because it is time to ReBoot

Today I l♥ved…

1 quart of lemon water (whole skin added + MSM crystals)
later on…
2 oz of BrainOn (a little more civilized than yesterday!)
and then, lots of soaked goji water while I taught
… folowed by,
8 oz of goji and grapefruit juice.

This mornings class was *busy* check out Karen’s take on it here!

Mid Morning
Another juice – Carrot, Beetroot, Cucumber, Apple, Celery…
… that is ALOT less leafy greens than I would usually take but who am I to complain – I feel ridiculously fabulous today!
Bee Pollen (about 4 tablespoons throughout the whole day)


After an all girls (not on purpose) vinyasa flow class at BYS…
A MASSAGE! A wonderful treat from my dear friend and superhero partner in crime… *Karen*
… She even topped it off with my favourate… a watermelon juice!
Karen you are a diamond indeed!

Later on…
Hailey Zislis saves the day by solving the projector problem for movie night this Friday…
We ♥ Hailey!


And after that… a wee meet up with the juice feast divas at BYS – those ladies are truly shining.
The whole crew agrees, this is well worth the effort.
Hats off to them all for even just giving up coffee or bread or dairy or all three!!!
There is a general consensus that juice feasts:

  1. Slow down time or you or both!
  2. Make you the observer rather than the stressed our participant!
  3. Bring up a whole lot of weird Sh*t! Funky tastes in the mouth, unusual poop, ideas, inspiration, desires…
  4. Work – they just do.
    I also suggest doing a liver/gall bladder flush this weekend…

After another all girly yoga session (?!)… I juiced the rest of the above.
I am a bit gutted about the lack of green today…
Hey ho, for tomorrow I am considering an all coconut water and algae powered day…
But it is a long one – double morning Mysore to teach, 1-2-1’s then college, ariel yoga, and more 1-2-1’s so we shall see…


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