Juice Feast: Day 5 of 7

Today I was ultra *busy* teaching, learning and flying, but I spent a lot of time with myself which is what I need today the most.

Preparing for college today. Coconut water with chlorella powder before I leave, a huge green juice for 'on the road' & some *delicious* rock rose bee pollen which tastes like lemons this time!

I ♥ green

Morning 1 quart of lemon water (whole skin added + MSM crystals)

Before teaching the mysore programme 6-9:30am – 2 oz of BrainOn and lots of soaked goji water while I taught … folowed by, 8 oz of goji and beetroot juice with added 500ml coconut water.

Mid Morning (See Pics above) More coconut water (500mls) with 1 tablespoon of chlorella powder! *YUM* Bee Pollen (about 4 tablespoons throughout the whole day)

Afternoon At college I neck my huge green juice (tons of leafs) and get out of there asap (I scored well on my exam so don’t need to re-sit today – woo hoo!)

Later on… More coconut water (a total of 1500mls today!!!) Herbal teas

How do I feel???

Hunger – NO!
Emotional – YES!
Loving it – YES!
Thinking about becoming a circus performer – YES…!

Gillian Watt teaches *super hero classes* - ahem - I mean 'ariel yoga classes' here in Edinburgh at the Crags Sports Centre!

Flying Bow

Flying Freestand Handstand

In the cocoon!


2 thoughts on “Juice Feast: Day 5 of 7

  1. Sbeenie says:

    amazing!!! I had a great chilled day too! But didn’t fly at the end 😉 but danced instead! That counts no?
    p.s. Tried the Goji and Grapefruit juice… holla! AMAZING!
    ❤ xs

  2. wee yogi says:

    Well….. I wouldn’t say it was that chilled out – what with teaching 3.5hours in the morning + 2 privates and 4 hours of college work! What I am saying is we have to grab time for ourselves even if it is when we are busy… *BUT* the flying certainly helps! And dancing *YES* it counts – very much!!! xxx

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