Juice Feast: Day 7 (+1) ;)

Ok, so I didn’t stop the juicyness after all…
But in my mind I now know as soon as I am ready to eat something I will.
This is not out of obsession – it is about what feels right.
Today I was teaching and out and about in the sun with friends then more teaching…
So why force myself to go and find something to eat when all I want is juice (namely watermelon juice!!!)
So I will eat but probably Tuesday evening (as I have a colonic booked to mark the end of my feast).
I am also expecting a delivery of some new fun superfoods this weekΒ to play with in my adventure into REGENERATION…
This is the 3rd step towards my intention.
It is just one week to my 28th Birthday.
The full moon also.
I feel like this has been one of the most positive and interesting cleanses I have ever done.
I am so lucky to have been surrounded by so many beautiful and inspiring women.
BIG JUICY Thanks to y’all for joining me and some great feedback and comments!
My heart is full of joy and sunshine!
My belly is full of juice πŸ˜‰

  • Reboot? CHECK! √
  • Better inner balance? CHECK! √
  • Benefits spreading out into the world? CHECK! √
  • Living life? CHECK! √

Morning (6am)

Pro-biotics (BIG dose every day, just forgot to say it in every post)
1 litre of lemon water and MSM

Later Morning (9:45am)
1 whole water melon juiced (over 1 litre of juice)

Later morning again! (12noon) after teaching
… more of the above (Watermelon Juice)

late afternoon before 4pm teaching
Green juice with some crazy wild greens and 500mls coconut water!
Bee Pollen

1 whole water melon juiced (over 1 litre of juice) with 1 tablespoon chlorella blended in

What am I craving?
Berries – namely of the blueberry variety (organic of corse) I am so high maintenance πŸ˜‰



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