wee yogi BLOOD

Water with lemon and MSM
1 teaspoons honey

Later 8am
Brain on
Water – lots

Later again 9:30am
Chlorella shot with water
Bee Pollen

Later again 11:30am
Chia soaked in water with:
Cacao 3 dessert spoons
Algaroba 1 dessert spoon
Maca (gelatinised) 1 dessert spoon
Coconut oil 1 large table spoon
Coconut sugar 1 dessert spoon
Salt 1 pinch
*Thick & awesome YUM*

Bee Pollen
1 liter of Water


REALLY missing juice so I had
Green juice with – apple, spinach, cucumber and parsley
Followed by
(one food at a time for testing) – Hemp seed butter with sauerkraut – So good 🙂

I am exploring more fermented foods and cultured foods in the effort to balance out my gut flora.
I cannot wait to make my own kraut and Kim Chi!

And – I wanted to talk about my blood tests I got back….
A girl without meat, dairy or any cooked food (apart from decoctions or heated herbs and teas)…
EVERYTHING was above normal level!
Including B12, Iron, and all other essential vitamins and minerals.
I am not anemic or missing anything vital.
The reason I got this done was due to a hormonal imbalance sine I was late teens early twenties.
I intend to blog about this as I move forwards on it as it turns out I do have a slight imbalance.
Acupuncture, body ecology, rest and new beginnings are my plan.
More soon.


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