It takes courage and commitment…
BUT, juice feasting/fasting is *amazing*.

Everyday I am more convinced by the method of very simply, taking the ‘weight’ off the body (i.e. as in the demand we put on it to constantly digest, not the weight as in ‘fat’ off the thighs etc).
By taking timeout on eat, eat eat we learn more than we ever have…
Post juice feast however is even more miraculous. TRULY.
It is *FREE* (food) sensitivity testing…. let me explain…
Little do we know what we eat effects us so strongly, and so we blame it on the person sitting next to us when we feel crappy.
Yesterday, for my birthday, I bought myself a ‘treat’ – some processed raw food snack that tastes amazing (…and with a regular habit on this snack would have an equally amazing impact on your bank balance!).
Thank fully, after I finished the packet, I suddenly had the most incredible palpitations, tiredness and nausea!
Funny, I say thankfully, huh?
But how cool is it to know what makes you feel like s*it so you don’t eat it again, rather than ramming food in the whole in your head every 5 minutes unknowingly putting your brain chemistry and mind body connection way off kilter!?
I slept terribly, woke groggy, had a heavy yoga practice and later this morning my body did a super good job of getting rid of said ‘TREAT” a.s.a.p!
So, as I have been for the past week, I continue to re-integrate all the wonders of the plant kingdom into my diet again, I only become more convinced….
This works.
Food is medicine and the medicine is in the food (somewhere!) if you find the right stuff.
*HOWEVER*, we should not eat to fix ourselves.
The body will do that on it’s own, but only if it is given the chance!
Can we stop and listen, even just for 7 short simple days?
Then realize that when we do eat, simple is better –  plants are beautiful and wondrous and should be enjoyed as they are, no fuss, no frills.
I ♥ simple and simple ♥’s wee 😉


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