The missing link?

A 7 day juice feast was nothing for wee yogi.
But would you believe the past 6 weeks I have not got to sleep before midnight?
I am in bed around 11/11:15pm but due to one thing or another I am AWAKE.
This is a new thing for me.
I was a sleeper. Now something has switched and it’s not helping me one bit.
(I get up at 4:30am)

I breathe pretty good.
I practice yoga daily.
I drink a lot of water/juice – I am hydrated.
I eat well (in my humble opionion)…
… and I do my best to find the best quality of life wherever I can in whatever way I can by constantly looking for the next level of health.
The biggest challenge for me is sleeping.
No more “Johnny One Note”

New challenge.
7 day in bed/sleep before 9pm.
It might sound like nothing but I am feeling like this might be the tough one…


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