wee yogi update – 1 year later

It is 1 year since I returned to Edinburgh
Having left to set up a life in Costa Rica just under 1 year previously, the future was unknown and the situation completely unexpected.
Costa Rica had not turned out as hoped so after a long 9 months in Arizona it was time to go home… we travelled back via LA to pay homage to some of the best raw food eateries and yoga schools, and visit my dear friend Chrissy in her new LA lifestyle.
On returning to Scotland, I threw myself into teaching and made every effort to make a life here which would be both fun and sustainable. It appears that during disappointing times in my life I love to ‘apply’ myself to something new. Hmmm… interesting!
This was not an easy task, but one word says it all…
It has been truly:
– In every sense of the word –
there have been ridiculous highs and equally deep down and dirty lows.
BUT, not one part of me regrets.

Me and the Buick in LA June 2011

Looking back on this picture of me in LA this time last year I remember I was incredibly nervous.
BUt I managed to keep a calm, no fears demeanor towards everyone around me.
I had no idea how hard I was going to have to work to re-root, but I knew it was going to be unpredictable…
Like a wild wind, this year of being home has brought turbulence indeed. However, the experience of unsettlement has taught me about real strength, courage, *boundaries*, the power of belief in ones self and that anything is possible.

I find myself surrounded by inspiring, positive beings on a daily basis… there are so many amazing new people in my life – strong bonds or even just acquaintances, this year has had it all – the list would be endless and impossible to cover in this short blog.
… one I cannot skip over would be my re-found friendship with the shakti power girl Karen who has trusted and believed in me from the day I arrived on the BYS doorstep ♥ I have many reasons to be grateful for her being back in my life.

Indeed, what a year – More recently I wake each day in my warm bed; blessed to be welcomed back into my sisters home after 5 years since I lived here previously.

The loving kindness from my family, especially my mum and dad – their patience and understanding with me and their own deep self-realization, is beyond words.

A closeness with myself and each one of my family has grown, opening up and seeing them as human – it is special and heart warming.

Somehow I have manifested a return trip to my Costa Rican paradiseFarm of Life – and to take some of the wonderful new students in my life with me!
I miss Costa Rica so much, that place, the jungle and all it’s wonders, has a huge place in my heart
*Beyond Excited…*
Not only that, I am going there with one of my new and most precious friends Jill Manning who was another shining light who came in to my life during a high time in this year of transitions ♥

There has been a lot to let go of and a lot to welcome in… trusting had to be there.

Tomorrow, I will be flying to Portugal for my first week off in 1 whole year!!!
Another lesson I am now learning is – rest.
So, I will be practicing yoga in the mornings with the wonderfully inspiring and world renowned Dena Kingsberg!
…and the rest of my days – who knows, I’ll see how I feel!
I plan to work on some exciting new projects but I secretly hope I can find it in me to take a moment and just be still.
Get ready for a recharged, refuled, ready – set – go – wee yogi!
Here’s to another great year but with less dramatic swings of the pendulum – that’s the plan anyway! 😉 (… wise words from Karen!)
And now? – This morning I am off to see the Dali Lama to get me off to a good start!

Costa Rica 2010


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