Opening doors…

This week I learned the word ‘Keil’ in German means ‘wedge’ or ‘the single beam of wood or steel that runs the length of a boat’s bottom’…
How appropriate.

wee yogi and David Keil

Not only has this week with David Keil truly ‘opened doors’ of possibility for me (so to speak),
… it has also kept my ‘afloat’!
… David has the ability to translate this practice of Ashtanga Yoga in a way that makes anything seem possible,
You need only figure out a way to understand it for yourself…
… David translates the postures for your body, and for the way your brain detangles things.
I feel honored and grateful to have had the chance to work with David and suggest you do soon too!

Check out his website > HERE <

Inspired. Learning. Having Fun.

More soon…


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