Get Your Jing On!

This is such a great Pod Cast – call me biased but it really does make Ashtanga Yoga seem even more valid and logical to me… Again 😉

How To Have More Jing

Listen to understand my ranting better – especially the first 10 minutes – but in short, I truly believe this method of Ashtanga Yoga does what he is talking about almost all in one go. It combines breath, meditation and movements which all increase our energy*.
Brandon Gilbert doesn’t mention Ashtanga Yoga here but when I heard this talk it immediately rang true for what I feel comes from this practice.
Listen carefully Ashtangis – we should not finish our practice feeling depleted and lacking vigor!
Ask yourself –
Do you sit at the end of your practice and take this opportunity to meditate, even just for a minute?
Or do you use the extra minute to squeeze in a couple extra fancy moves?
Do you take full deep inhales, drinking in as much O2 as you can?
Or do you take short sharp breaths in order to achieve the postures outward shape?

– Ashtanga Yoga is efficient and effective and generates, circulates and saves more energy*.
It is all there to be taken!
(*when practiced correctly).

Brandon mentions how simple it is – 1) breath, 2) movement, 3) mediation and 4) diet.
… but he doesn’t say it is easy.

Moving on and to balance this out…
When it comes to todays yoga teachings, the missing link in my opinion is diet. I hear the first teachers of this system are known for having said things like “… eat more chapathis” OR “… eat less chapathis…!”
With the greatest respect, I think there’s more to diet than that but hey, these guys were way too busy working their asanas off with the other 3 mentioned above!
And there are 3 other aspects DIET IS ONLY *1*

As you can see from my blogs I have my own take on food – yours might be different and that is cool just so long as it nourishes and replenishes Chi (Prana, Life Force – whatever you want to call it),
… then you are all set for a happy, long and healthy life!

So here is a little extra guidance for those looking for more…

… enjoy the Pod Cast, I was excited to share this with you!

See you soon (‘pranafying’, ‘re-chi-ing’, ‘filling-up’) on the mat!


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