Day 6.4 Juice Feast

*I feel amazing*
Juice Feast – I love them – there’s nothing like them.
Without fail you gain something good and let go of something that has been holding you back.
Last night I was wide awake until 11pm chatting to my sister like it was mid-morning.
I was awake again at 5:30am more than ready to step on my mat and dive deep…
So, that’s only 6.5 hours sleep needed and still I feel like I could run a marathon and jump over Carlton Hill to finish!

I started this feast last Friday so today is, in theory, the ‘last day’ of the Juice Feast.
That said, I am going to juice tomorrow too and start reintroducing solid food again on Saturday – mainly smoothies and simple things – i’ll let you know what when it happens… I just do what feels instinctively right for me.

… In the meantime today I took myself on one of my favorite excursions – to Earthy

wee at Earthy

I got a huge pile of produce for only £18 which will take me through till tomorrow lunch time…


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