Last Day, Last Juice, Let's Tessellate

Last Juice

I close this feast on the new moon to coincide with the downward energy of this day.
I feel renewed and have a certain sense of clarity that I love so much about this process.
This feast has reminded me to slow down; to make conscious choices – in all aspects of my life.
I have slept better than I have in weeks.
I think sometimes we use food to fill a gap in the day that might be better filled with *nothing*.
Less doing and more being.
Less expecting, less assuming and more listening.
I have found music is an incredible source of energy – we can use it to change the way we feel, think and even move.
I can’t imagine a world without music!
Or juice!
So this may be my last juice of this feast, but tomorrow I will drink more juice and listen to more songs!

Let’s Tessellate!


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