Where is the love?

Today my friend Sinead wrote me an email title ‘Glee’:

Sometimes one remembers suddenly, and for no particular reason, that life is wonderful. You know, just the very lucky fact of being alive at all. That this is my one and only life, and I love what I’m doing with it.

Funnily enough, just at that moment I had experienced this same feeling for myself having just told my mum I loved her as she’d dropped me off in the car outside my flat. Being alive is indeed amazing.

Yes, we all have moments when it seems everything is wrong and there’s no love for miles around…..

So, it is at times like those we should recall memories of when we were reminded that life is wonderful…
… and this one below …
which made today one to remember…..

Miss Sarah Durney (soon to be Mrs Hatcher!) I cannot show you the bottom half of this photo as that would be bad luck!... but yes, there is love, all around, just look & remember.


2 thoughts on “Where is the love?

  1. Sarah Durney says:


    Thank you so much for being my friend, Susan! I love you and all that you are – I am so luck you are in my life!

    Big hug


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