I'm dreaming of 2013 :: Costa Rica

The last of the summer sunsets :: September 2012

It has been a short summer and a very eventful one.
As the familiar Scottish autumn vibes roll in I can already imagine the chilly mornings ahead, the snow and ice under my bicycle wheels.
I felt a new hat was in order (long overdue!) and today, as if by magic, the universe has provided me with a gift of 2 brand new beanie hats!
Nice 🙂

Luckily I have fond memories of my last winter here in Edinburgh …
I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to it at the time, the cold, the dark, the re-building some kind of a life…
But it came and flew by almost too fast!
And now, here I am reminiscing over last winter and the magic time I shared with Jill Manning when she came to teach here in Edinburgh at Bristo Yoga School…
I believe, had she not come here, I probably would not be returning to Costa Rica next year to host a retreat there!
We spent some great times together, we immediately hit it off, we were and awesome team!
I’m so happy we met and exchanged life perspectives…

wee yogi and wee city mouse :: January 2012

And so it is with these magical memories and the power of Facenook (!) the butterflies in my stomach are awake!
March 2013 is a shining point in my work schedule next year.
I cannot wait to practice with Jill once more – and you can too!
7 days in paradise with me and Jill – this is bound to be one you’ll never forget!
You Come!
Join us in the jungle for yoga, raw foods, learning, relaxing and absorbing the Costa Rican paradise!
Follow the link below and ask me…

- Change Your Life Retreat - with Susan “Wee Yogi” Reynolds & Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher Jill Manning.


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