Gratitude to Tim Hatcher for making her stay!

As I write this I am preparing to go to sleep and smiling from ear to ear knowing that tomorrow morning I have the good fortune to be practicing under the watchful eyes of newly wed Sarah Durney Hatcher…

Sarah, Portugal :: June 2012

I’ve known Sarah less than 3 months, we met in Portugal while studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on retreat with Dena Kingsberg.
Sarah has been a consistent inspiration for me these past 3 months.
The practice of Ashtanga yoga has diverted my path to cross with many interesting and diverse beings – but Sarah is one special lady I will always be especially grateful to have met…
This girl has been right there for me through some of my lower points as well as celebrating with me during my highest points!
What a rare and remarkable friend!

wee and Sarah:: only a few days before she was engaged to be married!

… and look at her now…

Mr and Mrs Hatcher :: 1st September 2012

This girl brought me proper eyeliner, Durga, Navy Seals (I kid you not), and a whole lot of unconditional love…
I am so excited she is now hosting the BYS Morning Mysore Program for us.
I look forward to bunkering down for the Scottish winter, learning more, living fully, sharing, growing and laughing.


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