Ashtanga Yoga teaches us about trust.
Not only does it teach you how to trust yourself but also how to listen to your intuition and discern weather or not you can trust someone outside of yourself.
For example, when it comes to allowing someone else to adjust your physical body trust has to be there…
I speak form experience. That’s all I ever do!
Yoga is about expansion – 100% – not contraction.
When trust is not there, contraction comes; tightening, tensing…
If you are contracting – physically, emotionally, spiritually – yoga is not happening…
AND breakages are on the way.

Wee Yogi cares about health on all levels…
Trust is something that we have to find in and outside of ourselves which will allow us to form healthy relationships, in and out of the body, both on and off of the mat…
Whether this trust comes from fact (based on what you have actually seen and verified) or intuition/feeling – the result of a lack of trust in your teacher will be displayed somewhere down the line.
Today I feel grateful for the teachers I have experienced (with varying levels of trust)
Each and every time I have experienced a new teacher this lesson is reinforced for me.
Heed this warning: If it doesn’t feel right – don’t do it.
Since, (even if they are very able teachers), if you don’t trust you will contract and one day you will break under their guidance.
If you do trust – ahhhhh, well, enjoy, for the expansion that can be experienced is beyond belief.
~ Expansion is there ~
(FYI: My current experience is a good one!)


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