A troublesome wild animal…

When I first saw (THIS SHORT ANIMATED FILM) a few years ago called Varmints’, I had one of those epiphany moments – you are reminded why you do what you do and what makes you enthusiastic about being here.

I thought; everyone must see this film and they too will have this epiphany…
Until I realized: The epiphany can only come if the message in this sweet animation is important to the viewer and that ultimately depends on what matters to them in the first place.

“‘Varmints’ tells the story of a small creature’s struggle to preserve a remnant of the peace he once knew in the face of overwhelming urbanisation, indifference & recklessness. His small act of love plants the seeds of change that will ultimately prove the salvation of his word…”

Recently the more I think about it the more I realize that this film is beautiful to me because it sings my song without questioning that there is a problem in this world in the first place.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and strongly recommend checking it out, even if it is just to see the beautiful animation. That said, I confess I have a secret desire that it encourages people to think deeply about what they offer back to the earth and it’s inhabitants everyday.

My moto in life has grown to be: Look after oneself first, since that will ultimately have a good effect on everything/everyone around me, which will than carry on rippling out in all directions. In short, I plan to leave this place having made an effort to make a positive impact somehow. My goals are to be a good person and to enjoy my life. I do what I do because I see the planet as a living organism just as I see my own body lives and changes every day. I am also grateful to understand now that consistency is the key.

My life dreams are not much to ask for and since it is new moon tomorrow – an auspicious time for intention settling and new beginnings, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to remind myself of what my goals are. That they are in fact not complicated at all. When I really think about it – I love my purpose. Indeed, it is not will power or dedication. It is a pure love and gratitude for what I do. There is no forcing, and so thankfully, my intentions are easy to own.

New Moon's Eve in Edinburgh :: 16th September 2012

Enjoy the moon & take rest!


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