Permission To Be A Tourist

Being from Edinburgh, I have never been that drawn to being a tourist here.
I was done with tourists before leaving the womb!
I also tagged myself as simply too busy or uninterested – I live here – why would I need to explore what else there is?
Oh, how silly I have been!
I was crazy not to explore more sooner… the past 4 weeks have seen me in various tourism types turns: watching the Festival Fireworks, hiking up Arthur’s Seat, dancing all night at The Arches (Glasgow), hiking up Blackford Hill at night, random day trips to Dunkeld, and now look at me – I am one of those annoying street lingering folk taking photos of token bagpipers!

Arthur's Seat view from Blackford Hill @ night

Dang! Ok, I confess, I am contemplating visiting Dynamic Earth this week (alone!) just because I can
Thanks to all the marvelous visitors the past few weeks for igniting my inner tourism fire!
It’s been *so nice* to see Edinburgh beyond the eyes of a yoga teacher.

Evening Elixir with Chrissy after some a wee taste of Epic Edinburgh.


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