Autumnal Yoga & Raw Food Retreat 2012 (Scotland)

I just took a lovely Sunday afternoon bike ride down to visit my pal Lorna from Ziggy’s at Stockbridge Market.
When I arrived the stall was surrounded by happy smiling customers sampling some of Lorna’s delicious delights!

Seeing Lorna in action with good food is ultra inspiring, she makes it look so simple and easy.

If you didn’t get my newsletter this week, well then now is a good time to announce the big secret we’ve been keeping from you…
… after our mysterious trip to Dunkeld last week (this blog tells the tale of our discovery)
An announcement has been made! Check it out!
Click the text/pics below to find out more…

We are so excited about this next evolution of Wee Yogi and Ziggy’s coming together to cater for your every need!
All you have to do is turn up, sit back and enjoy!
It’s pretty clear we share a passion for finding healthy living easy, simple and fun.
We hope you can come too!

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