For me, Day 4 Juice Feast is almost always like this…


A strange awareness comes over me where every foot step is conscious.
This morning after practice I had an insanely good massage at Bristo Yoga School with Adam Shepard our Thai massage therapist.
When I stepped outside I looked up and saw this beautiful blue sky above me, right outside the door (see above).
It was cold, crisp and clear and I cycled to Earthy with tears in my eyes of sheer pleasure.
This is what it is all about.
Revealing what you truly feel underneath the veil.
There have been moments of doubt, pangs of hunger, suggestions of a headache…
But that’s just temporary and all in all, this juice feast is rocking my world (in a good way).
What’s more special is that I am sharing these exciting moments with others who in their own ways are seeing and feeling benefits.
Today I am reminded how when we carry baggage (emotional and physical) we no longer realize who and what we are.
We forget that we are free and anything is possible.
Today I am reminded that happiness comes from the inside and when it bubbles up we should sit in it and enjoy!
So indeed, Day 4 is always like this – a bit loopier, a bit lighter and Euphoria is here.

Absolutely LOVING Earthy today 🙂


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